The End as a Hawk?

Cari is too distraught to write right now. She will be back later with anger and frustration I’m sure.


I’m going through withdrawal… Sort of.

It has been exactly 18 days since the Blackhawks were eliminated from the playoffs.  It has also been exactly 18 days since I really stopped caring about the playoffs.

True, I did make another trip down to Pittsburgh and cheered for the Penguins, but really?  I honestly was too heartbroken to really appreciate their run to the Cup.  Yes, I think I’m also becoming a Pens fan, but they’ll just have to be in a two-way tie for third place in my heart, along with the Canucks.


I say I’m sort of going through withdrawal because I haven’t been completely without the Hawks.

Clare and I watch games and interviews and the like that she has DVR’d on the oft occasion.  She and Kim are going to be driving the 8.5 hours up to Chicago to attend the convention.  Kris is going to be on TV Wednesday and Thursday this week.  Sarah Spain has the most amazing and delightfully entertaining interviews ever that I can watch whenever I want.  Oh, and I do see Kaner around Buffalo every now and then.

So life isn’t too bad…  Yet.  I just kind of dread August, because by then I will, of course, have watched the said interviews countless times, and reread the stories, etcera…  You know how it is.  And then I’ll still have a whole ‘nother month to wait before there is any news, really, and even then, the Hawks will be halfway around the world.

And then I will be in trouble.  At least by that point, the Sabres will slowly be starting to return to Buffalo, and maybe I’ll get my hockey fix started back up.

Yesterday, though, I was at Clare’s house (not surprising, really), and I was thumbing through an issue of the Blackhawks Magazine from the beginning of the season, and found the pages about the guys in the minors.  Of course, Kris wasn’t in the minors at that point, but no one expected him to be with the team from the onset, so he didn’t have two large pages like the rest of the guys.

He did, however, get this accreditation (and I apologize for the poor quality):

Picture 38

And then he got this one, which is definitely better than the former:

Picture 39

And then THIS one is BY FAR my favorite, for obvious reasons:

Picture 37

YES YES YES, I covered up the names of Niklas Hjalmarsson, Dave Bolland, and others, BUT I DON’T CARE.  It’s my blog and I’ll do what I want to.  🙂

Clare is such an enabler, she hasn’t a clue.

Oh, and before I leave, I have to say that I ABSOLUTELY HATE the person who came up with the idea that the Hawks should make a deal with the Sens for Dany Heatley, and in doing so, send KRISTOPHER AND BRIAN CAMPBELL to one of the teams I (sorry Mer!!) hate the most in the East.

Whatever.  It won’t happen.  I hope?

The one where I apologize and spill my heart out.

My Dearest Kristopher,

I suppose it is no secret that you did not have the best game on Sunday.  And truth be told, I cannot help but feel that I am mostly responsible for that.

You were and are probably still upset that I cannot watch the games Wednesday and Monday because I’m going to two different concerts, both of which are by performers that I have already seen live before.  And I have to apologize for that, but really, it is not my fault that the National Hockey League does not take my life into account, or the fact that I want, more than anything, to watch your games!

Speaking of which, watching the game at work on Sunday was heartbreaking for me.  Ask Clare.  I called her almost in tears.  It was so hard for me to watch you struggle, and I am so, so sorry that I laughed through the majority of the game.  Honestly, though, if I had not been forcing myself to laugh at the audacity of it, I would have been bawling my eyes out in sorrow.

Because when I said that I was throwing all of my love for Derek Roy and the Sabres to you and the Blackhawks, I was not kidding at all.  That is how passionately I feel about you.  You have done what no one else has been able to do in the past.  Not once has another professional sports team brought me to tears.

That just goes to show how smitten I have become with you boys this year.  It is a love that I had previously believed I was incapable of.

But Kris, I have embraced it.

I surprise myself when I wear your jersey around Buffalo, when I had previously shuddered at the thought of ever even cheering for another team.  But I wear your jersey with pride, even in the neighborhood of Buffalo’s beloved hockey star, your teammate.  Think about the ire that could be drawn to me!

So if that does not show my newfound devotion to the Blackhawks, I do not know what will.

Trust me, Kris.  I tried to give away my ticket for Wednesday’s Dave Matthews concert.  I gave an earnest effort.  The only reason I am still going (well, there are actually two) is that my friend just moved back home from Charlotte, and I paid $65 for my ticket, and I cannot afford to lose that money.

I want nothing more than for you and my Blackhawks to move on to the Stanley Cup Finals.

So, Kris, I am begging you.  Please, please, please, please, PLEASE!  I want good news to come from my BlackBerry Wednesday evening while I am at the concert.  I NEED you all to do well, because I think that if there were one thing that could make me just as happy as the Sabres reaching the finals, it would be to see the Blackhawks reach the finals.

Now I will wish you all the best of luck tomorrow night.  Some might say you will need it, but I know the success that the Blackhawks have seen this season has nothing to do with luck.  But, it has everything to do with determination, hard work, steadfastness, and a lot of stubborn, good-looking men.

I would say make me proud, but you have already done that.



PS:  When I last wrote on Sunday about how I disliked certain things about you, like your clothing, your sunglasses, and your lumberjack-esque beard, I was lying.  I was only trying to put some fire into your attitude, but I guess it hurt you more than anything.  The truth is, I love all of that about you.  I would not change a thing.

Hockey needs to schedule itself around MY life.

I’m a little bit upset right now.

And by a little bit, I mean A LOT.

Yesterday, I had to buy myself a new planner.  Mine was just too big to use for the summer (it’s the one I used for school, so the pages are bigger and therefore can fit all of my ridiculously tedious assignments).  So while I was transferring over all my plans and work days and the hockey schedules, I realized that I’m going to be missing Game 5 on Wednesday, as the Dave Matthews Band is rolling through (the) Buffalo (area) that night.

Okay, so it’s one game right?  Or is it “Meh, I’ve seen Dave in concert and can get shit-faced any other day?”

Well, Mer and I have come to the agreement that I’m going to go to the concert if the Hawks win this afternoon.  But if they lose (AND THEY WON’T), I am free to play sick and stay home.

Actually, I hate to say it, but I’m going to the concert either way.  I paid $65 for a freaking LAWN TICKET.  And I’m probably going to get rained on.

And then!  To make matters worse!  The potential/probable Game 7 will ALSO be missed!  Because of Coldplay!  Now, they’re one of my favorite bands so there’s not chance in Hell that I’m missing them either.  And my mother would probably literally have a cow.  They’re her favorite too, and it’s becoming a tradition that, when they come to town, we must, must, MUST go.

Okay mom.  Spend $110 on a concert ticket for me.  I don’t mind.


So I’ll just have Clare updating me, and I’ll tape both games.  I can watch both of them when I get home.

Although, last year we didn’t get home from Dave until about 2:30 am, and Brittany and I both have to work at 6 am the next morning…  AKA no sleep for me because I’ll have to watch (at least the highlights) of the game.

Moving on to the real point of my posting…

Friday’s game.  I watched at Clare’s house with our friend Emily.

Emily almost jinxed us.  For reals.

She said that Brian Campbell would probably cough up the puck and the the Red Wings would win.  I told her that I’d punch her in the face if that actually happened.  And I wasn’t kidding that time.

Thankfully, a broken nose was one thing that wasn’t included in our evening.

But speaking of Brian Campbell, I want to touch on the hit on Havlat.  I know that he’s said on Twitter that he doesn’t want us talking about the hit anymore, but whatever.  I do what I want.

At the risk of having you all glare at your computer screen when I say this, and please don’t, because you’re all pretty and glaring does nothing for your complexion (it will give you an early onset of wrinkles, so just please, don’t), but I thought the hit was mostly clean.

It was almost exactly like the Brian Campbell hit on RJ Umberger, back in the 2006 playoffs, when Soupy still played with us (meaning the Sabres) and we had played Philly.  Yes, Kronwall appeared to leave his feet at some point (there’s a discrepancy as to exactly when he did), but the hit was a shoulder, and it wasn’t interference, so I don’t know.

I was MORTIFIED about what happened to Marty, but one of my favorite Sabres is Tim Connolly.  If you know ANYTHING about him, it’s that he’s made of glass and skates with his head down ALL. THE. TIME.  Devastating hits are nothing new to me.

But what happened to Khabby??????  We are so worried that maybe he contracted Duncan’s flu!

SPEAKING OF DUNCAN!!  THERE’S A NEW KRISTOPHER INTERVIEW!!!!!!  Which I’m sure most of you have actually seen already, but, again, whatevs.

And you’re probably wondering what that has to do with Duncs if you haven’t.

Just keep your eyes on the kitchen during this gem:

(And really, I mean keep them on the kitchen.  Kris looks terrible.  He needs a visit to the barber and an appointment with a fashion consultant.  Namely, me.  I swear, the boy only wears his Blackhawks jerseys, Lacoste polos, and v-neck t-shirts, all of which are two sizes too big.  And WHAT IS IT with guys who think that putting their sunglasses on the brim on their hats looks good?  It doesn’t.  Kristopher, please let me help you, honey!!  I want you to look your best!!)


Omigah al;kth;oagnvrosn,saynoamoonlskya;oiugaojg MJ and I are swooning.  Our Blackhawks loves, living in the same apartment?  Well, I guess that explains their beautiful bromance! 

But!  Riddle me this!  Does Duncan go grocery shopping with Kris?  And if so, do they discuss the pros and cons of their protein shakes in the aisle?

(You HAVE to watch this video.  It’s detrimental to your health, and your understanding the rest of this post.  Although, if you follow Cabbie’s Journey to the Cup, you’ve probably seen it.  But watch it again.  It’s okay; I give you permission.)  

Kris???  Where can I buy tickets to the gun show?  Oh, Cabbie says it’s sold out?  Well, can I use the unorthodox method of flashing you to get tickets?  Oh, you don’t want me to degrade myself in public?  Oh…  Well…

And honey, I really don’t need to know that the green stuff makes you a frequent visitor to the bathroom.  That was hilariously funny to hear you say, but it’s very unnecessary.  But I just adore that you said it so matter of fact-ly.  Very cute.

Although I did see Paul Gaustad drinking probably the same concoction at a Sabres practice a while back, come to think it was also in a Dasani bottle.  I took a picture of it because Kim and I were laughing at it:

Picture 14

I don’t know what’s more pathetic:  The fact that I remembered that Paul drank this, or the fact that I took a picture of it…

The life I lead is simple, yet bizarre.  I just love my hockey and my hockey boys.  And I think their lives are fascinating.  At least the Sabres (coughTimConnollycoughDerekRoycough) put it on display.

Alright, well I’ve had enough fun on here for today.

Please, please, please, please, PLEASE! Blackhawks, can you win today??  I’m going to be watching from my comfy chair at work, so it’d be nice if you could start my shift off right for me.  PLEASE?

Because I’d also like for you to be happy.  As Clare and I discussed yesterday, I cannot take the disappointment of my two favorite teams not going all the way (knock on wood), and then she, in turn, would not be able to deal with my crazy erratic emotions at that point in time.

And Jonny, you wouldn’t want Clare to have to suffer through that, now would you?

And Kris, you wouldn’t want to make me go through that again this season, would you?

No, I didn’t think so.

The morning after

I’m going to experiment a little bit with Verbeauty today.

You see, I’m currently on the clock at work… Sort of. I’m actually escorting one of my patients to the dentist, so while I wait for her to be called back and then have her tooth extracted, I’m going to blog via email, via my Crackberry.

So that game last night…

I was going to liveblog it, but I decided against it for three reasons: (1) I always miss things when I liveblog, (2) keeping up with a liveblog and Twitter would have been ridicolously tedious, and (3) I wasn’t watching with Clare so obviously texting during the game (basically every minute) was a given.

And I have to say that I am SO glad that I didn’t because when that red light went on in overtime, I screamed. I kid you not. I also buried my face in a pillow, punched the couch, and almost cried. I say “almost” so that I sound dignified, but we all know I’m not, so what the Hell.

Yeah I might have shed a couple tears. BUT! In my defense, I got up before the crack of dawn, had a crazy day at work, and my dad had one of his weirdo friends over, all at my absolute favorite time of the month. So I was really hoping that the Hawks would win for me.

Alas, they let me down. Which is an odd feeling, because it is usually the Sabres who let me down. Well, I guess it had to happen at some point.

But at least the Blackhawks have an opportunity to redeem themselves!

And to think, I was almost goint to buy tickets to Friday’s game, but the whole trip up to Chicago proved to be pricier than I had expected.

Anyways, Kristopher notched an assist on Jonny’s second goal of the night! So that was good! I was so proud of him for that.

Then the stupid Versus cameraman just HAD to go and show him looking all dejected on the bench while the Red Wings celebrated. That guy, whoever he is, and God help me I will find out, is on my shit list.

And speaking of the Red Wings, on the drive to this appointment, we passed a house flying a Wings flag. What business does a family in the northern suburbs of Buffalo have flying such a flag?

They’re just lucky they don’t live in South Buffalo, I guess.

Well, she finally got called back.

As soon as she is done, I’m heading over to the craft store to buy my supplies to make my Dan Cleary voodoo doll. Anybody want one?

PS: Clare alerted me to an article about Kris in the Chicago Tribune. I’d link you up but I can’t figure out how to do so on my Storm. *sigh* Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry

It was the most precious of days…

Wednesday was, my friends, the day in which I should have traveled to my Mecca of Lethbridge, Alberta, and sought out one Marilin Versteeg and bowed down to her golden uterus, for it was the anniversary of her giving birth to my dear Kristopher.

That’s right.  Kris is 23 now.

And you might ask why this birthday post is so delayed.

The truth is, I don’t have a good excuse.  Well, I have an excuse, but nothing that I deem suitable for not even logging on to WordPress and writing a simple “Happy Birthday, Love!”

BUT JUST KNOW THIS!!!  Clare, Kim, Anne, and myself celebrated.  With cake.  In public.

Picture 1

It was phenominal!

Now, if you’re wondering about the writing on the cake, I shall explain:  You see, as I’ve mentioned, I am a Sabres fan at heart, as is Anne.  We met through our Sabres blogs.  And Kris is my one true love outside of the Sabres organization, and Anne’s one (of many) true love(s) from around the NHL is Matt Greene from the LA Kings.  So when decorating the cake, Anne used the red gel for Kris, and green for Greener.  And she couldn’t fit their names, so she wrote their numbers.

That, though, caused an interesting scene at Dave and Buster’s.  We had sat at a high-top near the bar so that we could watch Game 7 of the Papermate Series, and we were next to a table with other Pens fans.  The older guy had been walking back to his table while I was taking the above picture with my Crackberry, and he looked at me and said, “Oh, it’s your 32nd birthday!”


But whatever.  We had fun.

And I’m so glad that Duncan took Kristopher out for his birthday.  That was very sweet of him, and I know my dear friend MJ (who just LOVES Duncan) would be so happy to hear that their bromance is flourishing so nicely.


But I don’t think she’d be too happy to hear how Kris thanked him.  I don’t think what Kris did was very nice.  Accident or not, hitting the guy who paid for your dinner on your birthday in the face with your hockey stick, causing injury requiring stitches really isn’t the best gesture of thanks.

Whatever, Kris.  Whatever.

But Clare made this a while ago, and I think that it’s absolutely perfect for your birthday:

Kris blingee


Anyways, Kristopher, I really just want to wish you a very, very happy belated birthday!


Your biggest and most loyal fan in Buffalo (and probably the only girl in New York with your jersey),


Oh, and PS:  What would be the best belated birthday present for you that you could give to me?  (That made no sense, but run with me, people.)


So, at 3 pm, I’ll be found on my couch in my Versteeg jersey.  And no one will be home, so it’s perfect.  My mother will be at work, my father in Rochester (about 1.5 hours away) at the Lilac Festival with my aunt, uncle, and grandmother, and my brother is in Detroit visiting his girlfriend.  (Not for the Red Wings; she isn’t a hockey fan.  Although, he tells me that he is going to adopt the Wings which REALLY pisses me off.  He says it just to do so.)

Therefore, me + Blackhawks game + empty house = rowdiness.  Yes!!

I’ll be back tomorrow (if not later tonight) because, as I’m done with school for the semester, I really don’t have an excuse.


Prepping for Round Two


Yes!  So excited for Round 2!!  Well, I’m not thrilled about having to play the Canucks, because for a long time they were the favorite Western Conference team in the Sabres fan in me.  Thankfully, though, that has changed.  I still like them, but from this moment forward, Ryan Kesler can no longer be beautiful to me.

But after the Blackhawks game last night I decided to push my fatigued self a little further and watch the third period of Anaheim’s victory, just to be sure of who I was going to be cheering against.

And because I did that, I was nodding off through all of my classes this morning.  Probably not the greatest decision on my part, but whatever.  I’m dedicated.  Or obsessed.  I like to say dedicated.  You be the judge (this is probably the one and only time I’ll allow you to do so).

Also because of that, I napped from 3 to 6 pm this afternoon, waking up only because my cat was biting my arm.  But then I heard my phone vibrate on the table, and I am so glad that I did, because it was a Twitter update from Sarah Spain, alerting me to her new, exclusive interview with dear Kristopher.

So, without further ado, because there was no video to go with said interview, I’m going to analyze his answers because I’m bored and procrastinating (I have a hugely important Anatomy lab that I need to review for, as well as a Medical Terminology quiz tomorrow).

SARAH SPAIN: First things first, tell me what the locker room was like last night after the win. Media in Calgary said you guys were surprisingly subdued. 

KRIS VERSTEEG: Well we’re really happy about our accomplishment…but we can’t really think about it too much now. We have our next series in hand and we have to take care of business now with Vancouver.

Typical cliched answer.  Of course they can’t be too excited!  I am a little surprised though that the media said they were subdued.  Seriously guys?  YOU’RE IN THE FLIPPING PLAYOFFS!!!!  GER EXCITED!

SS: You certainly can’t celebrate as if you’ve won it all already, but is there still a sense of accomplishment, since it’s been 13 years since the Hawks last made the second round?

KG: Yeah, it was huge for the fans of Chicago to see their hockey team make the playoffs and now get past the first round. It’s big for them and its big for us, but we’re not thinking about that right now. We have another series here that we have to go out there and play and do our best.

So diplomatic.  Kris, you’re a liar though.  You’re all thinking about it.  Don’t think you can fool us.

SS: A lot of the Hawks, including you, weren’t around through the team’s lean years–are you still able to appreciate how much this team means to those fans that toughed it out waiting for another playoff run?

KV: Yeah you have to appreciate it–everything that’s going on here. The job that John McDonough and everyone has done to bring our team back and to see the city come back after seven years of really no one even knowing what hockey was, it seemed, anymore in Chicago. Just being part of this whole thing, it’s been special for everybody.

Awww!  It is very special.

SS: You’re from Lethbridge, Alberta–about an hour and a half from Calgary. Did you have a lot of friends and family trying to sneak in and watch you play, trying to avoid being seen without that red Flames jersey?

KV: Yeah, all my family have really now converted to Blackhawks fans, but I saw some of my buddies that are Calgary fans and they still got their jerseys. They all like to say that they like when I go further in the playoffs ’cause I don’t have to come home and annoy them. (Laughs) I think they’re happy that we’re moving on.

Haha, what???  His friends think he’s annoying!  I think I can see where they’re coming from, though.  Kris does seem like he’s always trying to get people to laugh and doing stupid stuff.  Oh, wait, I find those sort of antics to be endearing.  Oh, wait…  That’s because I’m exactly like that.

SS: This is your first year and your first NHL playoffs. Can you compare the intensity of these games with any you’ve played in before?

KG: It’s not comparable. Both teams come out so hard, they finish every hit. Your body feels–after playing 14 minutes, it feels like you’ve played 30 minutes. You’re dead tired during games, it’s just a completely different type of game altogether.

So, Kris, what you’re saying is that the 10 pm day-off curfew that Jonny implemented still isn’t enough??  You need more sleep?  Well, good luck with that, since the travel’s only going to get worse in the second round.

SS: You said that the playoffs take more out of you every single shift. Do you think that in the end it seems as though the Hawks’ youth has kind of made up for a lack of experience in that you’re still out there grinding when some of the older teams might be falling apart a little more?

KG: I guess so. I don’t really know how an older guy feels out there, so I couldn’t tell you that. But I do know that we’ve got a lot of legs on our team and a lot of guys that skate pretty hard and pretty fast every shift so it’s tough to keep up with a lot of guys on our team. When they’re going and not getting tired, we’re a pretty tough team to play against. The experience may not be there but I think confidence-wise as a team, we all believe in each other.

Damn straight.

SS: These games have been insanely loud–when you’re on the ice, how much can you hear and how much are you just reacting? Can you actually talk with your teammates much?

KV: There’s times when you actually can’t even talk to your teammates at all cause it’s too loud. It’s really crazy.  But when you’re on the ice you don’t really notice it too much until you score a goal and then it gets deafening loud again. During the anthem it’s pretty crazy too. Guys are always giving each other nudges and letting ’em know what’s up. It’s pretty special to be a part of. 

SS: So when you guys are listening to the anthem and you’re getting the chills and stuff, you’re poking each other?

KV: Yeah exactly. Everyone kind of lets each other know what’s up and how they feel about the whole thing. I mean, just to be a part of this whole Chicago Blackhawks coming back thing is pretty special. To see the fans really react like they do, it gives you chills pretty much down your spine every night, it’s awesome.

Let me get this straight…  The Blackhawks behave like a bunch of elementary school kids, poking each other?  Does Jonny know about this?  Playoff atmosphere is pretty awesome.  I mean, I’ve never experienced it in Chicago, but I love it in Buffalo.  I can only imagine how cool it must be for the players to be right in the center of it all though.  It has to be wicked cool.

SS: It’s your first full season and I read a quote of yours saying you expected even more out of yourself this year. But even so, you’re a Calder nominee and you’re one of the fan favorites–what does that mean to you considering how hard you’ve worked to get here.

KV: It’s huge. I have a lot of people to thank for always believing in me and things like that. Coming to Chicago this year and having the year I have, also knowing that I guess consistency-wise I could have contributed more maybe, but…just having all the fans really suppport me and be behind me. It’s been a huge season for not only myself, but my family’s been loving it. They love watching every game.

As do we, Kris.  As do we.  And dude, you’ve seriously had an amazing year, and we could hardly ask for more.

SS: What’s the first thing you think of when you hear “Vancouver Canucks”? 

KV: Goaltending. They’re a tough team, they play good defensively and they’ve got maybe one of the best goalies in the league. 

Goaltending?  Okay, sure.  I think Sedin twins though.  They’re killer.  Speaking of them, I think it’s kinda cute but kinda ridiculous that they demand to play together.  Seriously guys?  Who can afford the two of you together?

SS: How do you anticipate this series will be different from the Flames series?

KV: Maybe not too much different. Still gonna be hard-hitting, they’re a big team over there–strong. Just like Calgary, I think it’s gonna be physical. I think it’s gonna be a tough series altogether.

I like physical hockey.  It’s so intense and exciting.  Just don’t get hurt, please.

SS: It’s the opening game against the Canucks. If Coach Quenneville let you pick, who would be your ideal linemates–including blueliners? 

KV: I’d like to play with anybody as long as I’m on the ice. (Laughs) You can’t ask me that right now!

Haha, good answer.  Let’s keep the poor boy in Q’s good graces, Sarah.

SS: Alright, fair enough. Haha. Do you have any playoff traditions or rituals in place yet? 

KV: No, I just stick with my old routine. I don’t even know if it’s superstition. I think all hockey players kind of have their own routine that they go through. Maybe it might be a bit of superstition but I think every guy keeps their same routine. I kinda warm up the same, tape my shin guards up and tie my skates the same. I guess you kinda get into a routine over all these years as to what you do and you can’t really get out of it. 

Kristopher, that is so boring.  I love hearing about different players’ wacky pre-game rituals and superstitions.  They’re all such oddballs.

SS: You always tuck in your shirt in the back–what is that about?

KV: Trying to show off my butt, a bit. (Laughs) I got to when you’re out there and you have thousands of people watching–you gotta flaunt it a bit. (Laughs) It’s kind of always been that my jersey’s been a little bit too big, so when I was younger I just kinda tucked it in just so it would fit normal. I just kinda stuck with it. 

Ummm….  What?  Well, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t like it.

SS: You said your first game is Thursday. What do you do in the next two days to prepare? 

KV: Might look at some tape. Like every team probably does, look at some tape and try to get as prepared as you can for the team coming up. 

That’s to be expected.

SS: What are you going to eat for dinner before the first game?

KV: My wheaties.

Hahaha.  I don’t know why this was so funny to me, but it was.  I love a sharp and quick wit.  Just as long as they don’t have Michael Phelps on the front of the box.  I mean, I love Michael Phelps, but I don’t want him influencing Kris.

SS: Do you really eat Wheaties??!!

KV: No, no. (Laughs) Whatever’s at the old buffet that we got….some spaghetti, chunk of chicken, some salad, pretty much your basics. Whatever’s there. 

I like how he said a “chunk” of chicken.  Not a piece, or a chicken breast, but a chunk.  Oh, Kris, you’re so eloquent.  Do you need English tutoring to go along with your math, chemistry, and geography lessons?  I only charge $10 an hour when I tutor, but for you, dinner would be alright.  Or a song or two.

And speaking of songs…

SS: Last night at the road watch at Harry Carry’s, right when the game ended the song they played in celebration was Fergie’s “Glamorous.” I don’t think they knew about your infamous interview, but a lot of the fans there certainly did. Are there ever moments when you regret that interview? 

KV: Thats just me being me. I don’t regret it one bit. I don’t regret many things i do. I just kinda try to have fun with the whole thing. You never know how long this will last, so you gotta have fun with the whole experience and just be yourself.

Word to live by.  Amen, brother.

Wow, now I sound like Hulk Hogen.  *shudder*  Let me take that moment back.

Alright.  Now that I’ve given you all a look into my head while hearing(?) Kris talk, I’m going to go eat some dinner and watch the Washington/New York Game 7.  Go Caps!